Car rental

For your Finca holidays we strongly recommend a rental car. The car rental Sixt in Mallorca and Ibiza has the latest model series.

Use a Rental Car to discover Mallorca

Mallorca is far too beautiful to stay at only one location. If you have decided to book a vehicle from Sixt, you simply have more of your holiday. There are so many places, beaches and attractions to discover and to enjoy at your own pace and without the hassle of ever-changing bus and train services.

You don´t need much more than a good map. All over the island the streets are generally well maintained and well sign-posted. But be warned: at times roads can be very narrow and bendy, so be careful not to plan on too long distances at a time, if you intend to be back on the terrace of your Finca by sun-set. The speed limit on Mallorca´s highways is 120km/h, on country roads you are not allowed to be faster than 70km/h - and within residential areas or town boundaries the speed limit ranges between 30 and 50km/h.